Medical and psychological rehabilitation of patients with asthenia and burnout: scientometric analysis


Sobolev Andrey Valentinovich — PhD in Medical Sciences (Cand. Med. Sci.), Director of the Sanatorium and resort complex “Moscow region”, 2A/17 Sanatornaya Street, village Marfino, Mytishchi urban district, 141052, Russian Federation; e-mail:;

Ponomarenko Gennadiy Nikolaevich — Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation, Grand PhD in Medical sciences (Dr. Med. Sci), Professor, Director General of the Albrecht Federal Scientific and Educational Centre of Medkal and Social Expertise and Rehabilitation, 50 Bestuzhevskaya Street, 195067 St. Petersburg, Russian Federation; Head of the Department of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine of the North-Western State Medical University named after I.I. Mechnikov, 47 Piskarevskiy Avenue, 195067 St. Petersburg, Russian Federation; e-mail:;

Petrishcheva Kristina Nikolaevna — Researcher of the Laboratory of Innovative, Rehabilitation and Expert Technologies, Institute of Prosthetics and Orthotics, Albrecht Federal Scientific and Educational Centre of Medical and Social Expertise and Rehabilitation, 50 Bestuzhevskaya Street, 195067 St. Petersburg, Russian Federation; e-mail:;

In the heading: Rewiews

Year: 2024 Volume: 6 Journal number: 1 

Pages: 103-112

Article type: scientific and practical

UDC: 616.01

DOI: 10.26211/2658-4522-2024-6-1-103-112


Introduction. Scientific substantiation of the effectiveness of medical and psychological rehabilitation (MPR) for patients with adaptation disorders under high mental and physical stress (disadaptation) is one of the promising areas of modern physical and rehabilitation medicine. The most effective is a complex of rehabilitation technologies.

The aim is to analyze evidence-based studies of high methodological quality on the use of various rehabilitation technologies in MPR programs for patients with asthenia (R53 “Malaise and fatigue” according to ICD-10) and burnout or exhaustion (Z73.0 “Burnout” according to ICD-10).

Materials and methods. Three types of analysis (quantitative, qualitative and structural) were used to conduct the scientometric analysis (SMA) of rehabilitation technologies used in MPR programs for patients with disadaptation.

Results. The qualitive scientometric analysis showed that there are 914 publications on asthenia in the PubMed database, and 179 publications on burnout. In MPR programs for patients with asthenia, 32 % of publications are devoted to the use of exercise therapy, 26 % are to acupuncture, 15 % are to physical therapy, and 16 % are to psychotherapy. The main block of evidence-based rehabilitation technologies for patients with burnout is represented mainly by various types of psychotherapy (63 %) and physical methods of treatment (31 %).

Discussion. The results of a comprehensive (quantitative, qualitative and structural) SMA of rehabilitation technologies in patients with disadaptation indicate that a sufficient amount of evidence has been accumulated on common forms of adaptation disorders (asthenia and burnout), and their systematic analysis has been done. However, additional randomized controlled trials are needed to conduct the effectiveness of little-studied rehabilitation technologies.

Conclusion. Regular synthesis and analysis of existing evidence-based research, as well as the conduction of new high-quality randomized controlled trials examining and comparing new and traditional rehabilitation technologies, should form the basis of clinical recommendations for MPR of the patients with asthenia and fatigue.

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