Principles of professional ethics in the activities of the publisher

In its activities, the publisher is responsible for the publication of copyrighted works, which entails the need to follow the following fundamental principles and procedures:

1. To facilitate the fulfillment of ethical duties by the Editorial Board, the Editorial Council, reviewers and authors in accordance with these requirements.

2. To provide support to the Editorial Board of the journal in considering claims to the ethical aspects of published materials and help to interact with other journals and/or publishers, if this contributes to the performance of the duties of editors.

3. To ensure the confidentiality of the publication and any information received from the authors until the moment of its publication.

4. To be aware that the activity of the journal is not a commercial project and does not have the goal of making a profit.

5. To be always ready to publish corrections, clarifications, refutations and apologies when necessary.

6. To provide the Editorial Board of the journal with the opportunity to exclude publications containing plagiarism and unreliable data.

7. The Publishing House (Director) has the right to reject the manuscript or demand its revision from the author if it is issued in violation of the Rules adopted in this journal and agreed with the Publishing House.

8. The article, if accepted for publication, is placed in open access; copyright is reserved for the authors.

9. To post information about the financial support of the research, if the author provides such information to the article.

10. In case of detection of substantive, grammatical, stylistic and other errors, the Editorial Board undertakes to take all measures to eliminate them.

11. To co-ordinate with the author the editorial proofreading made to the article.

12. Do not delay the release of the journal.

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