General issues of childhood cerebral palsy: a scientific review. Part 2: diagnostics and treatment


Dzhomardly Elnur Isfandiyarovich, orthopedic traumatologist, post-graduate student in traumatology and orthopedics, Albrecht Federal Scientific Centre of Rehabilitation of the Disabled, 50 Bestuzhevskaya Street, 195067 St. Petersburg, Russian Federation, e-mail:

Koltsov Andrey Anatolyevich, orthopedic traumatologist, PhD in Medical sciences, head of the 1st children’s traumatological and orthopedic department, Clinic of the Albrecht Federal Scientific Centre of Rehabilitation of the Disabled, 50 Bestuzhevskaya Street, 195067 St. Petersburg, Russian Federation, e-mail:

In the heading: Original researches

Year: 2021 Volume: 3 Journal number: 2 

Pages: 15-27

Article type: scientific and practical

UDC: 616.831-009.12-053.2-08

DOI: 10.26211/2658-4522-2021-3-2-15-27


Introduction. Cerebral palsy is an important medical and social problem that leads to childhood disability. This part of the review is dedicated to approaches to the diagnosis and treatment of spastic forms of cerebral palsy.

Aim. Analysis of the world literature on the main aspects of cerebral palsy.

Materials and methods. Searching for literature sources in open electronic databases PubMed and eLIBRARY for the entire period available in these databases.

Results and discussion. Objective diagnostics remain fundamental in medical practice, however, the current trend is an increasing use of biomechanical methods of patient control.
Despite the exponential growth in the number of studies over the past twenty years, there is no causal treatment for cerebral palsy, so an interdisciplinary team of specialists is working to solve this problem. The orthopedist’s arsenal includes conservative and surgical methods of treatment aimed at eliminating pathological settings and deformities of the limbs and spine, improving the overall motor function of the patient.
According to the world literature, various variants of combinations of orthosis, casting and the use of type A botulinum toxin are of great scientific and practical interest. Modern orthopedic surgery tends to the simultaneous correction of deformities at various levels.
Analysis of views on treatment through the prism of evidence has demonstrated the effectiveness of a small number of interventions, while the effectiveness of a significant part of these methods has not been proven.

Summary. The analysis of literary sources has shown an increase in the number of publications that deepen scientific knowledge about various aspects of cerebral palsy. However, there is still significant number of issues that require clarification and more detailed research. Thus, the relevance of further study of the features of cerebral palsy and the development of approaches to the management of patients with this pathology is obvious.

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