Features of emergency care for patients with covid-19 associated pneumonia


Kachkovskii Mikhail Arkadievich, Grand PhD in Medical sciences, Professor, Department of internal diseases, Private Educational Organization of Higher Education Medical University “Reaviz”, 227 Chapaevskaya Street, 443001 Samara, Russian Federation; e-mail: KachkovskyMA@reaviz.ru

Malakhov Vyacheslav Gennadievich, PhD in Medical sciences, Associate Professor, Chief Physician, Samara City Ambulance Station, 2 Bolnichnaya Street, 443096 Samara, Russian Federation; e-mail: Malahovvg@mail.ru

Galimov Rafael Akhmetovich, resident of the Department of neurology and neurosurgery, Samara State Medical University, 89 Chapaevskaya Street, 443099 Samara, Russian Federation; paramedic of the mobile team, Samara City Ambulance Station, 2 Bolnichnaya Street, 443096 Samara, Russian Federation; e-mail: rafael-19mail.ru

Kimakovskaya Anna Nikolaevna, student, Private Educational Organization of Higher Education Medical University “Reaviz”, 227 Chapaevskaya Street, 443001 Samara, Russian Federation; paramedic of the mobile team, Samara City Ambulance Station, 2 Bolnichnaya Street, 443096 Samara, Russian Federation; e-mail: kimackowskaia.an@yandex.ru.

Kozlova Irina Ivanovna, student, Private Educational Organization of Higher Education Medical University “Reaviz”, 227 Chapaevskaya Street, 443001 Samara, Russian Federation; e-mail: kozlovairina@yandex.ru.

In the heading: Original researches

Year: 2022 Volume: 4 Journal number: 2 

Pages: 43-50

Article type: scientific and practical

UDC: 614.47

DOI: 10.26211/2658-4522-2022-4-2-43-50


Introduction. The article presents the work of the ambulance service in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Aim. To study the specifics of providing emergency medical care to patients with COVID-19 associated pneumonia.

Materials and methods. An analysis was made of 12 857 cases of emergency medical teams calls to patients with COVID-19 associated pneumonia for the period from May 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021. The study included data from 5 090 men (39.6 %) and 7 767 women (60.4 %), aged 1 to 98 years (mean age 59.4±16.2 years).

Results and discussion. Calls to elderly patients prevailed — 5 060 people (39.4 %) — and middle-aged patients — 3 253 (25.3 %). The ambulance teams were called to children and adolescents under 18 years old in only 134 cases (1.0 %). The largest number of emergency medical teams calls per day occurred during the second wave of the coronavirus infection pandemic in October 2020, reaching 94 calls per day. In 6 510 people (50.6 %), a positive reaction to the RNA of the SARS-CoV-2 virus was previously detected by polymerase chain reaction, 1 595 people (12.4 %) were contacts for COVID-19. Febrile temperature was detected in 3 230 people (34.6 %), over 39 degrees Celsius — in 1 304 patients (13.3 %). In 892 cases out of 5 053 (17.7 %), SpO2 was less than 90 %, indicating acute respiratory failure. In 108 patients (0.8 %), blood pressure was below 90 mm Hg. A significant amount of lung tissue damage according to computed tomography (50-75 %) was detected in 152 patients (7.0 %), subtotal (> 75 %) — in 34 patients (1.6 %) in 2 173 studies.

Summary. During periods of new waves of coronavirus infection, the intensity of work of stations and ambulance teams increases significantly. The main contingent of patients with COVID-19 associated pneumonia are elderly patients, most of them have febrile and high temperature, significant and subtotal damage to the lung tissue. This determines the need for a clear routing of patients with hospitalization according to indications to hospitals that have intensive care units on staff.

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