Characteristics of disability due to injuries received during a special military operation and rehabilitation measures


Levkin Vladimir Gennadievich, Head of the Bureau, doctor for medical and social expertise, Main Bureau of Medical and Social Expertise in Moscow, 36 Priorova Street, Moscow, 125130, Russian Federation; +79169169763; e-mail:;

Letskaya Olga Aleksandrovna, PhD in Medical sciences, Deputy Head for expert work, doctor for medical and social expertise of the highest category, Main Bureau of Medical and Social Expertise in Moscow, 36 Priorova Street, Moscow, 125130, Russian Federation;

In the heading: Original researches

Year: 2022 Volume: 4 Journal number: 4 

Pages: 7-16

Article type: scientific and practical

UDC: 616-036.86+616-001:355.4+364

DOI: 10.26211/2658-4522-2022-4-4-7-16


Introduction. Russian Federation has been conducting a Special Military Operation in Ukraine since February 24, 2022. Limb injuries leading to amputation and disturbance of statodynamic functions of the body are one the most common mutilation resulting from military operations. During the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945 and in modern local wars they make up 60-70% in the structure of combat surgical trauma. The result of the analysis of the characteristics of trauma and injuries can be used to improve medical and social rehabilitation, improve the quality of life and early adaptation of people who valiantly defended their homeland and the interests of their country. In this regard, the issues of medical and social assistance to disabled people due to military trauma are among the priority tasks of the state.

Aim. Based on a representative sample of the degree of persistent disorders of neuromuscular, skeletal and movement-related (statodynamic) functions of the disabled due to trauma and injuries sustained during a Special Military Operation, to evaluate the limitations of life and the degree of their severity, to analyze the recommended rehabilitation measures of this contingent of disabled people.

Materials and methods. A selection of data from the unified automated vertically integrated information and analytical system for conducting medical and social expertise of 91 disabled people due to injuries and injuries received during the Special Military Operation, initially examined in the branches of the bureau of the Federal State Institution “Main Bureau of Medical and Social Expertise in Moscow” of the Ministry of Labour of Russia, was carried out and a research base was formed. A statistical analysis of the expert rehabilitation characteristics of disability and recommended rehabilitation measures was performed.

Results. For the first time, the study of expert rehabilitation characteristics of disabled people due to trauma and injuries received during a Special Military Operation, contributing to a differentiated approach in the formation of individual rehabilitation programs and its improvement was conducted.

Discussion. The obtained data on persistent clinical and functional disorders leading to life limitations, and data on the need for disabled people in various types of rehabilitation services for disabled people due to military trauma can become the basis for the development of measures to improve comprehensive medical and social rehabilitation.

Conclusion. The structure of persistent disorders of the body’s functions was dominated by disorders of neuromuscular, skeletal, movement-related (statodynamic) functions. The greatest share in the structure of limitations on life activity were 2 degree limitations on the ability to work and to move and 1 degree limitations on the ability to self-service.

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